Saturday, October 27, 2007

girls..... suck

So i have officially decided that girls suck. they be crazy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Princess

This is my baby sister Abby. She is my favorite girl in the world. She's 8 years old and in fourth grade. One thing that I love about my sister is how much she cares about people. She no doubt got this trait from my mother. When i was getting ready to move out and come to school, Abby made me a bunch of gifts. Notes, pictures, etc. The picture that she gave me is sitting on my desk. I love to look at it. I miss my sister very much. Baptizing her was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life. I will always remember that day. Just to let you know.... my sister is cooler than your sister..... LOVE YOU ABBY!

My Real Bro's

These guys are my little brothers.

Brock is the ridiculously tall one with the gimp knee (check the scar). He's a freshman about to turn 15. He plays basketball and lacrosse but because of his knee problems he has been out of commission for a while.

Chad is the stud of the family (and he loves to tell us all about it). He's in seventh grade and 12 years old. He plays football and lacrosse and will definitely be one of the stars of both in high school.

My little brothers are the funniest dudes i know. They both can make anybody die from laughter at an moment. I have tons of great times with both of them and i miss them being in the room across the hall from me now that im gone. They both are my two best friends cause i know that either of them will drop anything to help me out and i hope they know that i would do the same for either of them.

The Roomate

This is Justin my roomate and myself messing around our first night up here in cedar before our landlord Tyrel brought our beds up. He is a bombtown roomate and we have alot of fun together. The general routine is watching movies (normally a chick flick of justins choosing) and toasting with our IBC Creme Soda or Orange Crush. Good times up here. Justin is like an unstoppable fright train from hell. If this interests you his blog address is . He is cooler than a snowman in Siberia

The Haka

So just to show you how stupid we can be up here at college, a few nights ago, i sat in my room learning how to do the Haka. (Mother and Father.... my homework/ studying was done and i have straight A's so i can afford to broaden my cultural boundaries)

Funny Stuff

Will Ferrell is Hilarious. and I love Sportscenter. So it just works.